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Airam Rojas Zerpa

Angry Bird: How to Play Offline and Avoid Ads

Angry Bird: The Game, The Movie, and The Merchandise

If you have ever played a mobile game or watched an animated movie in the past decade, chances are you have encountered Angry Bird. This colorful and quirky franchise has taken the world by storm with its simple yet addictive gameplay, hilarious characters, and diverse media adaptations. But what is Angry Bird exactly and why is it so popular? In this article, we will explore the origins, evolution, and impact of this phenomenon that has captivated millions of fans around the globe.

What is Angry Bird?

Angry Bird is a video game series created by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish company founded in 2003. The first game in the series, Angry Birds, was released in 2009 for iOS devices and later for other platforms. The game features a flock of colorful birds who use a slingshot to launch themselves at structures made of various materials that house green pigs who have stolen their eggs. The goal is to destroy all the pigs in each level using the least number of birds possible. The game also introduces different types of birds with unique abilities, such as exploding, splitting, speeding up, or boomeranging.

angry bird


The game was inspired by a sketch of stylized wingless birds by Jaakko Iisalo, one of Rovio's designers. The developers decided to make the birds angry because they thought it would be funny and appealing to players. They also chose pigs as the enemies because they were considered a symbol of greed and gluttony. The game's physics-based gameplay was influenced by games like Crush the Castle and Boom Blox.

Why is Angry Bird so popular?

Angry Bird became an instant hit among mobile gamers for several reasons. First of all, it had a simple yet engaging gameplay that anyone could pick up and play. It also had a charming art style and humorous sound effects that made it fun to watch and listen to. Moreover, it had a high replay value as players could try to improve their scores or earn stars by completing various challenges. Additionally, it had frequent updates that added new levels, themes, birds, pigs, and features to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Angry Bird also benefited from a strong word-of-mouth marketing strategy that relied on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness and generate buzz. It also received positive reviews from critics and users alike who praised its originality, creativity, and quality. Furthermore, it leveraged its popularity to create partnerships with other brands and celebrities such as Star Wars, Transformers, NASA, Green Day, Shakira, etc., to produce crossover games and content that attracted more fans.

How did Angry Bird expand into other media?

Angry Bird did not stop at being a successful video game series. It also branched out into other forms of media and entertainment to create a vast multimedia franchise that includes:

  • Movies: There are two animated feature films based on Angry Bird: The Angry Birds Movie (2016) and The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019). Both movies follow the adventures of Red, Chuck, Bomb, and their friends as they face off against Leonard and his piggy minions who threaten their island home. The movies feature an all-star voice cast that includes Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, etc., and have received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences.

  • TV shows: There are several animated TV shows based on Angry Bird, such as Angry Birds Toons (2013-2016), Angry Birds Stella (2014-2016), Piggy Tales (2014-2018), Angry Birds Blues (2017), and Angry Birds MakerSpace (2019-present). These shows feature short episodes that showcase the antics and personalities of the birds and pigs in various situations and settings.

  • Books: There are many books based on Angry Bird, ranging from comics, novels, activity books, sticker books, coloring books, etc. Some of the popular titles include Angry Birds Comics, Angry Birds: Big Movie Eggstravaganza, Angry Birds: The Art of the Angry Birds Movie, Angry Birds Playground: Rain Forest, etc. These books provide more stories, information, and fun activities for the fans of the franchise.

  • Other media: There are also other media products based on Angry Bird, such as web games, board games, card games, puzzles, toys, plushies, figurines, clothing, accessories, etc. These products allow the fans to enjoy and interact with the franchise in different ways and formats.

What are some of the Angry Bird merchandise available?

Besides the media products mentioned above, there are also many merchandise items available for the fans of Angry Bird. Some of these items are:




Angry Birds Slingshot Launcher

A toy slingshot that can launch mini plush birds at targets or structures. It comes with three birds: Red, Chuck, and Bomb.


Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure

A virtual reality game that lets players join the birds and pigs on a submarine adventure. It is compatible with PlayStation VR and requires a PlayStation 4 console.


Angry Birds Hatchlings Backpack

A backpack that features the cute and cuddly hatchlings from the movies. It has a zippered main compartment, a front pocket, and adjustable straps.


Angry Birds Red Hooded Sweatshirt

A hooded sweatshirt that has Red's face on the front and his feathers on the back. It is made of cotton and polyester and comes in various sizes.


Angry Birds Movie 2 Monopoly Game

A board game that is based on the movie sequel. It has custom tokens, cards, and board spaces that feature characters and locations from the movie.


What are some of the fun facts about Angry Bird?

Here are some of the fun facts that you may not know about Angry Bird:

  • The game has been downloaded over 4.5 billion times since its launch in 2009.

  • The game holds the Guinness World Record for being the most downloaded freemium game series of all time.

  • The game was originally rejected by Apple's App Store because it was too similar to another game called Crush the Castle.

  • The game has been used as a teaching tool in schools to demonstrate concepts of physics, mathematics, and engineering.

  • The game has inspired several real-life attractions and events, such as theme parks, live shows, exhibitions, flash mobs, etc.


Angry Bird is more than just a game. It is a cultural phenomenon that has entertained and inspired millions of people around the world. It has also spawned a huge franchise that spans across various media and merchandise platforms. Whether you are a fan of the game or not, you cannot deny the impact and influence that Angry Bird has had on the gaming industry and pop culture. If you have not tried it yet, why not give it a shot and see what all the fuss is about? You might just find yourself hooked on this addictive and hilarious game.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Angry Bird:

  • What is the name of the main character in Angry Bird?

  • A: The name of the main character is Red, who is the leader of the flock and the most angry of the birds. He is a red cardinal with thick eyebrows and a yellow beak.

  • Q: What is the name of the villain in Angry Bird?

  • A: The name of the villain is Leonard, who is the king of the pigs and the mastermind behind the egg theft. He is a green pig with a crown, a beard, and a robe.

  • Q: What is the name of the spin-off game that features female birds?

  • A: The name of the spin-off game is Angry Birds Stella, which features Stella and her friends who live on Golden Island. They have to protect their home from Gale, a former friend who has turned evil.

  • Q: What is the name of the game that combines Angry Bird with Star Wars?

  • A: The name of the game is Angry Birds Star Wars, which features the birds and pigs as characters from the Star Wars franchise. The game follows the plot of the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy.


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