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Airam Rojas Zerpa
Airam Rojas Zerpa

What's New in Mr Meat 1.3.0? Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Update

Mr Meat 1.3.0: A New Update for the Horror Escape Game

If you are looking for a realistic, cold, disturbing, and intense horror experience, you might want to check out Mr Meat 1.3.0, the latest update for the popular horror escape game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including what it is, what's new in the update, how to play it, and why you should play it.

mr meat 1.3.0

What is Mr Meat?

Mr Meat is a horror escape game developed by Keplerians Horror Games, a studio that specializes in creating scary games for mobile devices. The game was released in 2019 and has since gained millions of downloads and positive reviews from players and critics alike.

The game's story revolves around a mad butcher who has kidnapped a young girl and keeps her locked in his house. He has no soul and only wants to kill and eat fresh meat. He has become a serial killer and his house is a mixture of a haunted house and a prison. You are a brave investigator who decides to enter his baleful home and rescue the girl before it's too late. But be careful, because the psychopath can hear your moves and will chase you down if he sees you.

What's new in Mr Meat 1.3.0?

The latest update for Mr Meat was released on September 7, 2022, and it brings a lot of new features and changes to the game. Here are some of the main ones:

New outside area

The update adds a new area outside of the house, where you can explore and find new ways to enter the house or escape from Mr Meat. You can also interact with some objects and items that might help you in your mission.

New cinematic scenes

The update also adds new cinematic scenes to enhance the game's story and atmosphere. There are new scenes when you get to the house, when you complete the game, and when you get caught by Mr Meat. These scenes are more realistic and immersive than before.

New languages added

The update also makes the game more accessible to players from different countries by adding new languages to the game's interface and subtitles. The new languages are Portuguese, Polish, German, and Thai.

New difficulty level

The update also adds a new difficulty level for those who want a more challenging and terrifying experience. The new level is called Extreme Mode, and it makes Mr Meat faster and more aggressive than ever.

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Bug fixes and improvements

The update also fixes some bugs and glitches that were reported by players, such as problems with the sound effects, the animations, and the interface transparency. The update also improves the game's performance and stability.

How to play Mr Meat 1.3.0?

If you want to play Mr Meat 1.3.0, here are some steps you need to follow:

Download and install the game

The game is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your device. The game requires about 150 MB of storage space and an internet connection to play.

Start the game

Once you have installed the game, you can launch it from your device's home screen or app drawer. You will see the game's logo and a loading screen. Then, you will see the game's main menu, where you can choose to start a new game, continue a previous game, change the settings, or access the credits.

Escape from the house and rescue the girl

When you start a new game, you will see a cinematic scene that shows you arriving at Mr Meat's house. You will then find yourself outside of the house, with a car and a fence behind you. You need to find a way to enter the house and locate the girl who is trapped inside. You also need to avoid Mr Meat, who will try to catch you and kill you if he sees you or hears you.

The game uses a first-person perspective and touch controls. You can move around by using the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. You can look around by swiping on the right side of the screen. You can interact with objects and items by tapping on them. You can also crouch, run, hide, and use items by tapping on the icons on the right side of the screen.

The game has several rooms and areas that you can explore, such as the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, the attic, and the new outside area. Each room has different objects and items that you can use or collect, such as keys, tools, weapons, food, and clues. Some of these items are essential for your escape, while others are optional or have different effects.

The game also has several puzzles and challenges that you need to solve or overcome, such as finding codes, unlocking doors, disabling traps, distracting Mr Meat, and rescuing the girl. Some of these puzzles and challenges are easy, while others are hard or require trial and error.

The game has two endings, depending on whether you manage to escape from the house and rescue the girl or not. The game also has different difficulty levels that affect Mr Meat's speed and behavior.

Some tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you in playing Mr Meat 1.3.0:

  • Be stealthy and quiet. Mr Meat can hear your footsteps and your interactions with objects. He can also see your flashlight if you use it in dark areas. Try to crouch, walk slowly, hide behind furniture or in closets, and turn off your flashlight when possible.

  • Be observant and curious. There are many hidden items and clues that can help you in your escape. Look around carefully and check every corner and drawer. You might find something useful or interesting.

  • Be creative and resourceful. There are many ways to enter or exit the house or to distract or deceive Mr Meat. You can use different items or objects to create noise, block doors, break windows, set fire, or attack Mr Meat. You can also use different routes or shortcuts to avoid him or to reach your destination faster.

  • Be brave and smart. Mr Meat is a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. He can appear anywhere at any time. He can also change his tactics or patterns depending on your actions. Don't panic if he chases you or catches you. Try to escape from him or fight back if you have a weapon. Don't give up if you fail or die. Learn from your mistakes and try again.

Why should you play Mr Meat 1.3.0?

If you are still not convinced that Mr Meat 1.3.0 is a game worth playing, here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

A review of the game's graphics, sounds, gameplay, and atmosphere

The game has impressive graphics that create a realistic and immersive environment. The game uses 3D models and textures that are detailed and well-designed. The game also uses realistic lighting and shadows that enhance the mood and tension of the game.

The game has amazing sounds that create a terrifying and thrilling experience. The game uses realistic sound effects that match the actions and events of the game. The game also uses creepy music and voices that add to the horror and suspense of the game.

The game has addictive gameplay that keeps you hooked and engaged. The game has simple but intuitive controls that make it easy to play. The game also has varied but challenging puzzles and challenges that make it fun to play.

The game has an intense atmosphere that makes you feel scared and excited at the same time. The game has a dark and gloomy setting that makes you feel uneasy and anxious. The game also has a twisted and mysterious story that makes you curious and intrigued.

A comparison of the game with other horror escape games

The game is one of the best horror escape games available on mobile devices. The game has a unique and original concept that sets it apart from other games in the genre. The game also has a high level of quality and polish that makes it stand out from other games in the market.

The game is similar to other horror escape games, such as Granny, Evil Nun, and Ice Scream, in terms of the gameplay mechanics and the theme. However, the game is different from these games in terms of the difficulty, the realism, the variety, and the creativity. The game is more challenging, more realistic, more varied, and


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